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laptop computer repair servicesComputech Repair Services include but not limited to PC Computers Repairs, Laptop Computers Repairs, Apple iMac Repair, Apple Laptop Repair, Apple MacBook Repair, Apple MacBook Pro Repair, TV Repairs, Electronics Repair. In addition to our in-Store Repair Services, we offer on-Site Repair Services at Home or Business Locations. repair services teamOur team at Computech specialized in all the repair services we provide either in-Store services or on-Site services. They are trained to do the job fast and efficient. We can repair any brand, any models and any problems you have with any of your electronics, computers, laptops, TVs...etc. We are also flixable, so if it is not convenient for you to visit our location for repair, we can send one of our technicians at your place anytime that fits your schedule. Just give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you.


In case you can not visit our repair store and we can not come to where you at, we can help you with shipping most of the items to us that need to be repaired. Call us for more details.


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“Computech realy exceeded my expectations when they performed my repair service request with realy very cheap and affordable price... ”

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