Laptop Repair Services - Call 714-530-5666

Laptop Repair Services by COMPUTECH

Whether it’s Apple, Windows or Chrome laptop, we can fix it. We fix most hardware and software issues.

Laptop Software Services

Operating system installation.
Operating system fix and upgrade
Virus adware, malware, spyware ,….removal
Slow or freezing issues
Blue screen issues
Browsers and email issues
Data back up and transfer
Data recovery
Remote access and support

Laptop Hardware Services

Screen replacement (walk-in availability)
Battery replacement
Keyboard replacement
Hinges and plastics replacement
Hard drive replacement and upgrade
Ram replacement and upgrade
Mainboard and logic board Repair and replacement
Internal cleaning and thermal compound replacement
Mic and camera issues
Wireless and sound issues
DC Jack and charging port issues
USB and audio ports issues
We also carry accessories like ac adapters and cases