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Since 1993, Computech provides electronics repair services to all orange county, California, mainly computer and laptop repair services. We make sure we provide a world class customer service. All our team members are highly skilled and able to provide a high quality service.

TV & Component Level Technician

img_03 We are looking to hire a technician that has at least 2-3 years experience in fixing TVs and skilled in component level repairs, like ,other board repair for laptops.


If we will hire you, you will be responsible for all TV repairs and any component level repairs too. You have to be fast and able to diagnose the problem and fix any TV problem.


You have to be able to fix any TV, any size, any brand and any component level problems. All our customers have to receive the diagnoses results in the same day. Find below some of the problems we receive and you should be able to fix it.


  • TV power supply problem.
  • TV display problem.
  • TV disolay color problem.
  • TV shuts off by itself.
  • TV video & audio problems.
  • TV tuner problem.
  • TV remote control problem.
  • TV Main Board problem.
  • Mother Board repairs.
  • PC component level repairs.
  • Laptop screen repair.
  • Laptop DC jack repair.
  • Laptop mother board repair.
  • PC mother board repair.
  • Apple mac computer compnents repair.





If you are interested to join our team, please send your resume to , and make sure the subject is TV Repair & Component Level Technician.

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