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B2B computer and laptop repair services by COMPUTECH

Our B to B team can make Computech an extension of your company.

As a highly technical experienced team, we can be your local representative or partner that is equipped to manage almost any technical projects your company may have. Computech is also able to offer unique resources to support and accommodate a wide variety of different project and company needs.

We pride ourselves for being known to offer high quality work which is important for your company to consider when partnering with other companies. Send us an inquiry to begin the process!



Project 1: Costco

In 2006, Computech was contracted by Costco Technical Concierge Services to support the warranty program on desktop computers and monitors they were offering at the time. Costco had their customers ship the electronics that needed technical assistance to Computech directly. The Computech team efficiently managed the technical servicing needs of Costco customers and went to additional length of offering Box Service option to ensure hassle-free process was offered. Our team of technicians worked on upholding the Costco warranty policy of repair or replace faulty computers and monitors and then efficiently shipped back the product to the customer in a timely manner.


Project 2: Pi-Tops

Computech was contracted by the manufacturer of Pi-Tops to test upgrade and refurbish their products. This project consisted of a 2 step process: upgrade the firmware on new units and testing, diagnosing and replacing any faulty parts on new units. This project was very time sensitive and included high volume of units. The Computech team was able to meet the needs of the manufacturer by completing thousands of units in few months and was carried out at the Computech facility in Garden Grove.


Project 3: Voting Machines

in 2019 Computech was sub-contacted to work on most of the voting machines that were being prepared to be used in the upcoming elections. They were previously tested in a small elections before and the voters had problems with built-in printers not printing correctly. These machines had faulty printers due to faulty components which were replaced with new ones by Computech’s technicians. Computech was sub-contracted to do the work which was completed successfully in their warehouse end of February 2020.


Project 4: Knott’s Berry Farms

Knott's Berry Farms requested servicing of their ride monitors used for display on all their attractions. Computech was able to service all the units brought by Knott’s Berry Farm to have their displays up and working very short time.